Individual & Family Counselling

From an Adlerian perspective individual psychotherapy,  couples therapy, and family therapy guides you to release  unproductive feelings and refocus your attention toward making adjustments in perceived values, feelings, and behaviours that prevent further positive growth. The Adlerian technique uses Socratic dialogue to inspire development of productive and beneficial attitudes in the areas of confidence, self-worth, and significance that result in your increased ability to naturally cooperate and form cohesive relationships. The paramount goal of this process is to remove destructive beliefs and behaviours and to replace them with tools that will allow you to move forward with confidence.

Yoga Therapy

An integrative body-mind  approach to managing anxiety, depression, stress,  chronic pain and/or  the exploration of  life goals,  personal growth and relationship issues.

Online Counselling

Too busy or far away to come to my office?  Choose telephone or video counselling from the comfort of your own home, - wherever that may be. FREE 30 minute introduction session to determine if you are comfortable working with me.