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YOGA is not about learning to stand on your head...
it is more about being able to stand on your own two feet.

Yoga, a  6,000 year old system, is a science of self care that deals with the whole human being and is considered the “maintenance manual” for the body. The concept of yoga often conjures up images of flexible bodies twisted in pretzel like contortions, frightening many away from ever trying this technique (Although greater flexibility is usually the outcome of a regular yoga practice, - it is not a requirement to reap the many benefits.)  Dynamic stretching, joint opening exercises, rhythmic breathing and deep relaxation techniques result in the experience of  heightened metabolism and energy,  normalised blood pressure, pain relief, greater relaxation, mental clarity, and a stronger, toned body.

Yoganamics: The Art of Living Yoga

YOGANAMICS, designed for all ages and physical conditions guides you to observe the unique dynamics of your body within the practice of the techniques. As you become familiar with the resulting sense of well-being  you become more conscious of how you go about other activities in your life - noticing tightness and symptoms of discomfort before they form chronic tension. YOGANAMICS teaches you how to bring balance and clarity back into your system while increasing your ability to relax and  enjoy your life.

Boomer Yoga: Riding the Waves of Change

An introductory workshop for women facing the challenges of ageing, injury, immobility or chronic pain.  This class uses chairs for maximum support and stability.

Unleashing the Creative: Yoga for Performers

Integrative body-mind awareness training for performers,...on and off the stage.  Learn to follow your creative instinct, let go of the inner critic,  stretch into your highest  potential.

The Corporate Stretch

Learn to improve posture , increase energy and manage stress before it becomes a chronic habit using mini-modules of yoga  at your desk, in the boardroom, or at the water cooler.



Medical Disclaimer

The information and exercises provided within this web site are to be used at your own discretion and under professional guidance. They are not offered as a replacement or substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Not all exercises are suitable for everyone, and making use of this or any other exercise program may result in injury. If you believe that you may suffer from a physical or emotional impairment, we strongly recommend that you seek advice from a licensed health care professional before embarking on this or any other exercise program.

Our goal is to complement medical care by providing information which may encourage healing of the body, mind, and spirit. Best results are obtained by exercising common sense and body awareness in the practice of Hatha Yoga and Meditation. To reduce the risk of injury, never force or strain. Supplement your practice with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Special Note for Women

Pregnant women should not practice any twists or abdominal tightening poses, and should consult with their doctor before beginning any exercise or yoga program. During their Moon Cycle, women should not practice inverted poses, back bends or exercises involving vigorous movements.

Legal Disclaimer

Marnie Neve MA, RY disclaims any liability or loss in connection with any information or exercises contained in or demonstrated in classes or via this website, found in any of my programs or from the adoption of any instruction or advice expressed therein.