I work with individuals seeking guidance, emotional support, mental clarity, harmony in mind and body. Whether experiencing relationship conflict, stress, grief, trauma, or seeking new perspectives and fresh solutions on your life journey, the essence of my approach is to provide a safe, supportive base where you can explore, understand, and heal issues causing discomfort and imbalance in your life.

Physical limitations, social discomfort, and the challenge of living in a fast-paced ever changing world can contribute to "dis-ease" in the body/mind. This often presents itself in the form of anxiety, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, eating disorders, addiction, and more. 

Drawing on Western psychology, Eastern philosophy, and Hatha Yoga, I encourage the individual to create a positive life through focused action and inner calm. Combining the structure of psychological analysis with the intuitive nature of yoga and spirituality, I will guide you to tap into your innate wisdom and discover your "next steps".